Reader self harm fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Sherlock is a man caught between two centuries. His eyes close in the 21st century only to open in the 19th, where he sees the same faces and hears the same names. Yet one person seems more constant than anyone else. In one time she's just his pathologist.

In the other, she's his wife. Headmistress McGonagall invites back Harry and co. Although they all accept, many of them are struggling with the events of the past year. With themselves, with their losses Harry quickly realises that one of the people struggling the most is Draco Malfoy But when Harry texts his number neighbour as a joke and it turns out to be Draco, he wastes no time trying to get close to him.

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Various chapters inspired, and taking place in the verse from the Noblesse RP server. Focuses heavily on OCs. It's sick how the universe works to torture us with the one person we want, but feel as though we can't have.

self harm fanfiction

Hermione is given the task of going back in time to destroy the horcruxes to stop the Wizarding Wars. She aims to fix Severus Snape along the way, while she tries to save her best friends parents. Will she succeed or will she fail, causing more suffering for all involved? Rabbits are associated with comfort, abundance, happiness and a new life.

loki x self harm!reader

So, what does it mean when Wonho suddenly comes across a tiny, pink and shiny rabbit? What does that truly happen - was he going to be haunted or helped upon? Or: A homeless Jack finds himself working for an orphanage where he meets Elsa, a volunteer who loves seeing children smile. Tired of Paul's incessant bad mood and insults, Ash decides to take matters into his own hands whether the other trainer liked it or not.

Learning the other trainer's past from his brother, Ash takes on the role of his personal therapist much to Paul's dismay. Ash refuses to give up until Paul cracks. Who will break first? Eventual Comashipping. Because sometimes it takes that special someone to break through. Clarke's in a very dark place. Lexa is going to try her best to bring her out of it.

reader self harm fanfiction

And things are gonna smutty. Like "holy water burns me" smutty. Animals are treated less than humans, even though they have the capacity to feel emotions and think for themselves.

They're pushed away, merely because they're not human. Heck, he's so smart, everyone's scared of what would happen if they got on his bad side. Half the society, at the very least, still think that he's just an animal.

A known drug leader guns down the wrong gang members.Seokjin x Wolf hybrid! Namjoon x Blind! Not that Hoseok will ever get the courage to confess his feelings.

Yoongi likes you way too much. What happens when two boys in a relationship fall for you? Reader x Tiger Hybrid!

Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! But one night in the middle of the thunderstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop. But can soulmates really ever stop loving each other? Together they have the happiest family possible. So what happens when Namjoon finds you?

He takes you home, shows you his family, and together they teach you what love can be like. You get needy. And Yoongi gets impossibly irrevocably mushy gushy sugar cookie soft. Summary: When Sam and Clint pull a prank on you, you take it a bit too personally, resorting back to your not-so-good ways of coping with life. I love you all and I can see the beauty in each of you. Keep reading. Description: I wrote this as an answer to a prompt given to me by an anonymous person!

Roman stood at the edge of the school grounds, eyes scanning the dwindling crowd for his friend. His eyes finally set upon a familiar hoodie-clad figure exiting the science building. He smiled with relief.Watching him grow close with town sweetheart Betty Cooper breaks you inside every time, so you found a not-so healthy way to cope with the feelings of inferiority.

Things go so, so wrong when Jughead finds out. You bit your thumbnail, trying and failing to focus on the homework in front of you as the words danced around the page.

They blurred out of focus, your peripheral vision zoning in on a familiar dark haired boy sitting across the student lounge.

Your best friend, Jughead Jones, in all his sincere glory, sinking into a bean bag chair.

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He sat next to an equally familiar girl with a blonde ponytail and a sweet smile. He leaned in to her, whispering something.

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She laughed. They would switch roles and the cycle would continue. It had been like this for two months now. Your growing separation with Jughead was more than losing just a friend. You no longer had someone to text for hours on end into the night, educate you on classic movies while you educated him on popular onesand share milkshakes with. For your amused glances to become sweet kisses, for your walks alongside the Sweetwater River to become hand-in-hand, that would make life truly perfect.

You wanted to hate her. You really did. She was beautiful, with a loving, wealthy family. She was smart, but not rude about it. She was kind indiscriminately, and always fought for what was right.

Sometimes, the pain would be too great to be happy for him. Those moments made you feel like nothing. Worse than nothing. The pain became so great you had to release it through self-harm.

You would politely excuse yourself whenever Jughead and Betty entered a room when you could help it. You would cut yourself in the bathroom, clean and bandage it quietly, and return, able to tolerate their presence. Your sweater and cardigan sleeves hid your greatest secret. You tried not to notice his shared glance with Betty when the teacher announced the project, and their shared sadness that partners would be assigned randomly. Jughead approached you with the same charm he always did.

He seemed nervous. Was he really that unwilling to be around you?Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood.

reader self harm fanfiction

Taking the small blade in your hands, you fumbled with it in your fingers. Yet, you still wanted to. You knew you deserved every ounce of pain that was going to be delivered to you because you were just you. You were always anxious and always sad and never slept and it just got worse and worse. You were just an ugly, worthless burden to everyone else.

I need to be fine. Even in your head you knew that was just the same lie you had been telling yourself for years now. You needed the sweet release of pain. Something to lash out at.

Better yourself than anyone else. With a tear rolling down your cheek, you lifted up your sleeve and dragged the small piece of metal across your skin.

It stung at first but created a small line of red to which the liquid dripped down your wrists and onto the floor. Over and over again, you slashed, hacked, and slit your skin, officially ruining its beautiful clarity you had worked so hard to keep.

Red line after red line appeared and drop after drop of blood fell to the floor staining the freshly washed green rug. You simply ignored it as you continued to harm yourself.

Are you okay? He knocked three times gently. Hearing his voice simply made it so much worse. You are a broken useless girl that can no longer wear short sleeves because she hates herself that much. God, you should just kill yourself already. The knocking at the door had turned to poundings and you heard the doorknob being twisted and turned in a desperate attempt to get in despite it being locked.

Your boyfriend had started to raise his voice in alarm. Blood dripping down your arms you moved to your thighs where you did the most damage. No one checks the thighs. Tears stung the cuts you made on your skin yet you continued on.

Suddenly the blade disappeared from your fingers and strong arms wrapped around your waist from behind instead. You were spun around to meet Loki. His beautiful eyes looked down at you with such sorrow it caused you to cry more violently, if that was even possible.

reader self harm fanfiction

Bleeding arms and all he pulled you to his chest not caring what the blood stained. You buried your face in his dark hair, shaking with sobs. He hugged you so tight you could barely breath but it was exactly what you needed at that moment. You both slumped to the floor and he let you go only to take your hands in his and press kisses to your unsteady fingers.

You deserve so much better. You were broken and beaten up and all around pathetic.You'd said that you wouldn't do it the last time. That it really would be the last time. But you'd said that the time before, too. And the time before that, and ever time you'd ever done it since the age of You couldn't sleep without it, you couldn't think without it, you mind addicted to the endorphins released as you brought the edge of the scissors across your shoulders.

The wrist worked better, it bled more, and there was something about the blood that made it better, but that was too obvious. At least now you only had to hide it from one person, and short sleeves were fine for that.

Back before Sam and Dean had kicked you out. To be fair, letting Crowley out was something of a traitorous move, and you didn't blame them, they'd wondered why you never wore tank tops, even on the odd beach trip. Now you and the former King of Hell were holed up in some random safe house of Sam and Dean's, sigyls carved everywhere to keep angels, demons, or anything else, from finding you.

There were even marks to keep reapers from finding you, courtesy of Crowley's vast knowledge. He didn't take you to beaches, though. You were on the run, and fighting was the only thing that you did anymore. He didn't show it to anyone else, but he still had that humanity within him since Sam tried to "cure" him.

He cared about people, and most notably you, the only person who had helped him not for a deal, or out of fear, but because you cared for him. You always used something disposable, because even bleach never got the stains out completely, and he got worried if you were hurt. When you heard more rusting in the kitchen, you sighed in relief.

reader self harm fanfiction

Luckily, he could just make things like that appear, no store trips needed. You look a tad pale. You smiled and nodded, even though your head was buzzing. The last cut, the grand finale, had been slightly deeper than you intended, and it had taken far too long to stop the bleeding. Self harm and anemia never went well together, but there was no way you could stop.

He just turned the TV on, and scowled. He knew something was wrong, but he wasn't pressing you on it. That would be too emotional for the man who'd only had them for a few months. He left on your favorite movie, a romantic comedy that was entirely too cheesy for him to enjoy. You knew that it was only for your benefit, but he just smiled at you with a wink. You laid your head on his shoulder, finding it warm and surprisingly soft for a demon. His cheeks tinged pink when you placed a single kiss on his nose, as if he hadn't done a thousand times dirtier a thousand times before.

His arm, which was just kind of hanging in the air as he thought of what to do with it, moved to rest on your own with a much smaller, but happier grin.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. The Hope's Peak Asylum is for only the most dangerous teenagers psychos. Well, actually, psychos in general.

It doesn't matter that they're teenagers. Warden Kirigiri hired former Nurse Yukizome, now Ms.

the TRUTH about Jeffree Star's tattoos (cutting scars)

Yukizome, the teacher as somewhat psychiatrist, to create the 77th group psychotherapy Of their entire selection of teens. She could choose 17 students And lucky for her there were 17 students that were the most insane Hajime Hinata was sent from a framed murder and fake claim that he was found laughing insanely and talked to himself.

However, he was innocent, and never did any of those things. Due to confusion and shock, he wasn't able to speak or think properly, which didn't help his case at all, making the authorities deem him insane and sent him off to Hope's Peak. Yukizome, believing he was part of the most dangerous, put him with the 77th group psychotherapy. You got it all wrong, Dennis! Sometimes just loving someone is enough, loving the memory of them, of what they used to be.

A sad, sad smile. That I look sick. Right now is one of those times.You and The Doctor where in the T. He was busy with looking for god knows what, you where in such a good mood when all of the sudden you felt it.

You felt the two things you hated from your human self. Your depression and your urge. The urge that left your body like a battlefield. The urge that left you many nights feeling like someone just pour lemon onto a paper cut all over you body.

Though this was not a paper cut, and there was now lemon juice.

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You looked around, went to your room and found your secret, small wooden box. You then slid it into your pocket. On your way to do your bad bidding, you ran into The Doctor.

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He said with the familiar, wondering in his eyes that where bright like a million suns but had a slight darkness behind all those suns. You put on the fake smile you where so use to. You gently patted 11th's shoulder as he raised his brow then smiled and nodded, grabbing a near by book and started to mumble to himself.

You turned on the shower, pulled out the box you had in your pocket, and slid off your clothes. You where now only wearing your underwear and bra. You then slowly walked over to the door and locked it. You then sat down next to the tub, and felt the light sprinkle of the shower water being bounced off of the bottom of the tub. You then slowly picked up the silver blade. You stared at it as you about how many times this blade had been your ' friend" to you when no one else seemed to have been.

You then started to cry as bad thoughts and memories flooded your mind, clouding the part of your mind that screamed at you not to cut yourself. You then made the first of many slices.

You inner arms then smiled back at you with a slow, bloody filled one. You then made another slice.

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