Database access gestione licenze

L'attivazione consente al server licenze di effettuare le transazioni successive con Microsoft in modo sicuro e ricevere licenze CAL Client Access License di Servizi Desktop remoto.

Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere Attivare un server licenze Desktop remoto. Una volta ricevuta la richiesta di installazione delle licenze CAL Client Access LicenseMicrosoft emette il numero di licenze richiesto per il server licenze.

Quando un computer client tenta di accedere a un server Host sessione Desktop remoto o a un server Host di virtualizzazione Desktop remoto per la prima volta, il server Host sessione Desktop remoto o il server Host di virtualizzazione Desktop remoto riconoscono che il client non ha emesso una licenza e individua un server licenze per emettere una nuova licenza per il computer del client.

La riattivazione di un server licenze non comporta la perdita delle licenze al momento installate sul server licenze.

Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere Riattivare un server licenze Desktop remoto. Per individuare queste informazioni, consultare la documentazione fornita al momento dell'acquisto delle licenze CAL Client Access License di Servizi Desktop remoto.

database access gestione licenze

Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere Gestire Servizio licenze Desktop remoto. Ricreare il database di Servizio licenze Desktop remoto sul server licenze e recuperare le licenze CAL Client Access License di Servizi Desktop remoto installate in precedenza su tale server.Does anybody know of or have any suggestions about licensing methods that can be applied to a database or to the registry using VBA or even read from the registry that would allow me to protect my product?

This has been discussed in the forums from time to time, so you should be able to find some promising leads. Short answer: there isn't anything built-in to the product to do this, so you are free to implement your own, based on your exact requirements.

More elaborate registry manipulation is possible with Windows API calls. Tools available from sites such as sysinternals. Unless it's encrypted. But even then if you delete the date from wherever it's stored your app may think it's just installed. Thus I prefer to limit the number of records in one key table such as 5 units or 50 volunteers but allow unlimited access for everything else.

database access gestione licenze

Once I get paid then I email them an encrypted file containing the number of records they are licensed for as well as their company name which goes on the bottom of every page of every report and frequently used forms.

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Per altre informazioni, vedere le condizioni di licenza del prodotto. For more information, see the Product Terms. I termini per i prodotti descrivono le condizioni per l'utilizzo di tutti i prodotti Microsoft nell'ambito dei programmi per i contratti multilicenza. The current branch is the production-ready build of Configuration Manager that provides an active servicing model. This servicing model is like the experience with Windows This approach supports customers who are moving at a cloud cadence and wish to innovate more quickly.

With the current branch servicing model, you continue to receive new features and functionality. Per questo motivo, solo i clienti con una sottoscrizione Software Assurance attiva per le licenze di Configuration Manager o con diritti di sottoscrizione equivalenti possono installare e usare la versione Current Branch di Configuration Manager. For this reason, only customers with active Software Assurance on Configuration Manager licenses, or with equivalent subscription rights, may install and use the current branch of Configuration Manager.

It's intended for customers who allow Software Assurance or equivalent subscription rights to expire. When compared to the current branch, the LTSB has reduced functionality. I clienti che lasciano scadere una sottoscrizione Software Assurance o diritti di sottoscrizione equivalenti devono disinstallare la versione Current Branch di Configuration Manager.

Customers who allow Software Assurance or equivalent subscription rights to expire must uninstall the current branch of Configuration Manager. I clienti che dispongono di diritti di licenza perpetui per Configuration Manager possono quindi installare e usare la build LTSB della versione di Configuration Manager corrente al momento della scadenza. Customers who have perpetual license rights to Configuration Manager may then install and use the LTSB build of the Configuration Manager version that's current at the time of expiration.

SA is an option for a customer that's renewing SA coverage from a prior agreement. Software Assurance SA : i clienti devono disporre di sottoscrizione SA attiva per licenze di Configuration Manager o di diritti di sottoscrizione equivalenti per poter installare e usare l'opzione Current Branch di Configuration Manager. Software Assurance SA : Customers must have active SA on Configuration Manager licenses, or equivalent subscription rights, in order to install and use the current branch option of Configuration Manager.

While SA is optional for some Microsoft products, the only way to get rights to use Configuration Manager current branch is with SA or equivalent subscription rights. Per altre informazioni, vedere le domande frequenti su Software Assurance.

La sottoscrizione SA concede i diritti di utilizzo di Current Branch. The SA grants rights to use the current branch. If your SA expires, and you still have a license for Configuration Manager, you can no longer use the current branch. For more information about license offerings, see Ways to buy and Licensing Product Terms.

There can be others, but these programs are the most common. Nei termini per i contratti multilicenza Microsoft questi programmi sono denominati licenze equivalenti a licenze di gestione. Configuration Manager isn't included in the Microsoft Business Premium plan. La licenza di co-gestione consente ai clienti di Configuration Manager con Software Assurance di ottenere i diritti di gestione dei PC Intune senza dover acquistare e assegnare singole licenze di Intune agli utenti.

Emmc check

The co-management license lets Configuration Manager customers with Software Assurance get Intune PC management rights without having to purchase and assign individual Intune licenses to users. This license makes it easier for you to manage Windows devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Devices already managed by Configuration Manager that you enroll to Intune for co-management have almost the same rights as an Intune standalone-managed PC.

If you reset Windows on this device, you can't provision it with Windows Autopilot. Autopilot requires a full Intune license. If you enroll a Windows 10 device to Intune by other means, it still requires a full Intune license. Ad esempio, si usa Autopilot per effettuare il provisioning di un dispositivo o un utente esegue manualmente la registrazione self-service.

For example, you use Autopilot to provision a device, or a user manually does self-service enrollment. For existing Configuration Manager-managed devices to enroll into Intune for co-management at scale without user interaction, co-management uses an Azure Active Directory Azure AD feature called Windows 10 auto-enrollment.Premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more—all in one convenient subscription.

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Access Database To Manage/track Software/Licenses or something

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Last Modified: It would preferably allow me to enter the number of licenses owned and deduct from that when I specifiy in the database that it's being installed on another machine. I don't need it to go out and discover software just a simple nice clean looking access database.

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Commented: This one is on us! Suveer Patil QA Analyst.Before you start to perform the procedures that are described in the following sections, you must have the paper agreement that you received when you purchased the CALs.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:. In the Terminal Server Licensing snap-in, right-click the Terminal Services license server, and then click Properties. In the Installation method list, click Telephoneand then click OK. Right-click the Terminal Services license server, and then click Install Licenses.

Click Next. You can also contact Microsoft Customer Support Services at the following telephone number: You'll receive a message that states that the CALs have been installed successfully. After you verify that the new license server is functioning correctly, deactivate the old license server.

To do this, uninstall the Terminal Services Licensing component on the old server. You should regularly back up the Terminal Services license server by using Windows Backup or a similar tool. Regular backups help protect your licensing data from accidental loss if the system experiences hardware or storage failure. When you back up a Terminal Services license server, back up both the system state data and the folder in which the Terminal Services license server is installed.

By doing this, you make sure that data in both the registry and the Terminal Services license server database is backed up. If you restore the system state data and the database to the original Terminal Services license server, any unissued licenses are restored correctly, assuming you haven't replaced the operating system on the computer. If you've replaced the operating system, any unissued licenses aren't restored, and an event that provides the unissued license count is logged in the System log.

You can still restore the unissued licenses by using the telephone activation option in the Terminal Services License Manager tool. To switch to the telephone activation option, right-click the server in Terminal Services License Manager, and then click Properties. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. The documents that you must have available Before you start to perform the procedures that are described in the following sections, you must have the paper agreement that you received when you purchased the CALs.

Note After you move the CALs, you must deactivate the old license server. See step Is this page helpful?

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database access gestione licenze

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